Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Blogger Meet, "Meet the Chef" @ Khandani Rajdhani

For every profitable niche, there’s a hundred bloggers trying to make a living from it!!! A journey through authentic vegetarian cuisine of Gujurat & Rajasthan not just tall claims, Rajdhani, 5th time winner of " The Times Food Award, in a row", @Pune, was organised by Social Media Maven- Hrish Thota.

The Vegetarian Thali Restaurant which is the flagship brand of Mirah Hospitality has spread its aroma in this industry over the past few decades. Known as a "thali place" with 72 different rotating menus with 22,464 delicacies from Gujarat and Rajasthan, Rajdhani gives even the most regular customers out of more than 9 million delighted guests with the flavour of novelty, live by it !!! Thanks to the bloggers meet up at Rajdhani Restaurant, Indiranagar:)

Like-minded folks, grappled their appointments to assemble for a perfect afternoon:) signature stuff is associated from beginning to end of this experience. Starts with "Atithi Devo Bhava", all guests are greeted with a tilak topped wit a few grains of rice placed with the index finger or the thumb.Waiters are all "Rajasthani or Gujarathi". They bring around a jug & a basin for you to wash your hands at your table before and after guests start and finish off the "sumptuous spread!"

Aji Nair,the Vice President of Mirah Hospitality owns Rajdhani. During our earlier blogger meet (Nov 26th, 2012), was in person to guide us inside the kitchen. In fact any guest at Rajdhani restaurant can walk into the kitchen. Today, S&O Manager Mr.Maltesh Patil briefed about the restaurant culture, also got us to meet head chef Mr.Devisinghji- addressed as "Maharaj".

 Does "Small is beautiful" ring bells???  I  am here to make a point as a take away:  very rationale behind having small bowls or katoris in a thali serving small chapatis, bite size rotlas & puran polis. This place is definitely a must try atleast once for its uniqueness.The moment you enter the place the first thing that you will notice is none of the waiters here will not talk amongst each other and they use only sign language to communicate Should you be visiting for the first time or any number of times, "Not to Miss items!!!" Shach(butter milk) ,Spread of bread: Bajra Roti, Makhan+Gud, CustardMoong (signature dish!), Rasagulla, Gulab Jamoon for sweet hearted!!!

Frankly!!! I was fasting since morning to enjoy this feast tends to fill your stomach faster though :-)joy I shared, every time I was alone or in company, every moment of strength or despair…. So on!! I am able to share everything!!! Reader the like-minded would be able to scroll down my timeline to know exactly of every happening in my life- "Food for thought!"

This is how we bloggers!!! got started started & winded & Signed-off!!! 

Rajdhani Restaurant - Official Website

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  1. Tremendous pics. I would love to try food of Rajdhani. It's now added in my wishlist. I am really foodie person. I love to explore new eat out joints. I tried veg restaurants in baner, some good restaurants in vimannagar, F.C road.

    1. Hey!!! Thanks for stopping by my blogpost & I hope you found it useful :) Couple of things that stand out.....Kadi: Superbly flavoured. Paneer ki sabzi : Very well seasoned, with the roti's.Sandwich Halwa: Four desserts in a thali:) Malpua & Rabdi: Fresh & hot,awesomeness!!!


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