Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Black Dog Scotch & crème-de-le-crème

Black Dog Scotch had invited the world renowned Scotch Expert & Writer, Mr. Charles MacLean for a 6 city tour across India. Whilst Indians are high consumers of Scotch, the true awareness and knowledge is quite limited, and hence the concept of "scotch appreciation sessions" titled Black Dog Scottish Trails. An elite audience, from all walks of life primarily scotch drinkers, celebrities, press paparazzi  &  connoisseur of food  & food critics were be invited - to his "edutainment" sessions, followed by foods & drinks. The Black Dog Scottish Trails schedule is as follows - 2006 of Tues, Nov 21: Mumbai Wed, Nov 22: Mumbai Thurs, Nov 23: Goa Fri, Nov 24: Delhi Sat, Nov 25: Delhi Sun, Nov 26: Kolkata Mon, Nov 27: Hyderabad Tues, Nov 28: Bangalore

Charles Maclean (courtesy - has been researching and writing Whisky Books & articles since 1981, and I share my enthusiasm and knowledge by giving Talks & Tastings around the world, by leading ‘whisky expeditions’ in Scotland and by presenting training programs and Masterclasses for whisky companies, clubs and individuals.

Charles Maclean, an authority and a recognized expert in the whisky industry, does quote " One should that you should enjoy drinking whisky however you like it. Here he is talking about the true appreciation of the aroma's and textures of whisky, rather than drinking for pure enjoyment

Please watch "How to Drink Whisky with Charles MacLean- excerpt from you tube"

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Blogging experience. 
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