Sunday, March 10, 2013

Black Dog Easy Evenings with The Improv at Taj Krishna

Black Dog Easy Evenings sets a mood for relaxation and offers a welcome break from the mundane, through unique events with celebrated performers in theater, comedy and music. In line with the same, Black Dog Scotch is all set to provide an experience of 'Sophisticated Luxury' to enable its patrons to unwind and relax like never before.

The first theatrical production of Centrestage, The Improv is a unique act where six actors perform various scenes from situations supplied by the audience.

Hosted at Taj Krishna, presented by Black Dog, the IMPROV was a relief for the fractured funny bone. After a refreshing act by the director, Saad khan and an act by the actors setting the mood in their various roles as an Englishman, an item girl, Hyderabadi Police man among others.

Involving the audience, the actors were challenged to acts by the audience. The audience were to tell the location and the actors would sketch a scene and enact it. Then and there.

The audience exercised their vocal chords in the next round by drawing an entire scene.  With every round, the audience got involved more and more.
The evening was memorable but on a personal thought I just hoped they had explored more content other than adding the “adultery angle” in every round.

Nevertheless, an enjoyable evening!

I am, sure that the readers will have time to thank Ginger claps, Black Dog, and Taj Krishna The IMPROV evening!!!

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