Monday, November 5, 2012

Whose problem is it anyway?

Oh mon dieu!!! When people tell me their problems, I immediately feel like I need to solve them. I wonder if that impulse is an American cultural thing. Obviously every individual is different, but it seems as if we Americans like to get involved in other people’s business. 

People tend to fall victim of what scientists call “self-serving” bias. This means that when we succeed, we congratulate ourselves. When we fail, we blame someone else. Politicians are one species that most of us like to hate… Why did I bring this up… offlate, have been reading a lot of business magazines and the common theme of course across magazines had been Slumdog Millionaire, Lok Sabha elections, IPL and ongoing recession.

Needless to say!!!! when we succeed, we congratulate ourselves. When we fail, we blame someone else. After all, work isn’t everything. On the other hand, some of us are more attached to our careers than others. And we don’t all have the same outside commitments or interests.

Let me start off with “Thought for the day- Calvin Principle!!!” Here goes…
There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; The fun is in having lots to do and not doing it!!!

As a reader, I am excited to learn the criteria they developed to select one hundred books from the hundreds of thousands in the business category. The criteria were:
Accessibility: Is the book understandable, easy to read, engaging? Applicability: Does it apply to today’s business environment? Quality of Idea: Would we do this in our own business? I guess, we got to listen to our inner soul & learn!

Have you noticed that when you are alone or with strangers, one does not think too much about impressions, existing or new. More often than not, if the urge is there, we do not hesitate to become ourselves! Successful business owners are addicted to two really powerful hallucinogens: their own stuff, and being right. I’ve been addicted to both in the past, so I know what I’m talking about. Here’s how it works: Maybe we spend more hours writing a document or the ubiquitous Death by PowerPoint presentation, with graphs, and exhibits. Perhaps two or three other people in our organization look at our work, give us their received wisdom, and we rewrite it maybe two-three times, more if it’s for a big contract.Then we present it. I have been pondering this Quite a While… Since India’s overheating, seems to be the hot topic nowadays, I figured I may as well add to the clutter of comments & I wanted you to give a constructive comment, on whether or not it is right Then what? We wait! Ups-and-downs are a part of this game.. So, this explains! why we don’t understand “why”?

Well, these are excepts from Thomas Friedman ~ of “The World is flat fame!So, how can you achieve your own best mix of the personal and professional? Most important, says Friedman, is to articulate your goals, get feedback and clarify what matters most to you. 

“What People Were Reading During The Depression” ~Follow this link to find out more…

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